Coffee Break: Inspiring Links for the New Year


Take a break from work… and visit these five inspiring links.

  1. • – This website is a great start to inspire yourself to shed some pounds AND improve upon your self-image. I’m always hesitant to fall into these types of sites thinking they will automatically be hitting me up for money and/or are geared towards very restrictive diets or supplements. Not the case here! There is a lot of FREE videos, blogs, recipes and more AND they support a clean eating lifestyle.. you don’t have to do away with your meat and dairy!
  2. •  20+ Cleaning & Organizational Tips – Little Inspiration features a great collection of cleaning and organizational tips for your home. They list everything from natural cleaning products to cleaning children’s toys. So don’t wait until the spring to get here, start your home out right for the new year!
  3. •  Clean Eating Main Dish RecipesHe and She Eat Clean has compiled a list of hearty entrees following the clean eating guidelines. This means lean protein and lots of it, veggies, moderate fruit intake (got to watch out for sugar!), low carb and low sodium lifestyle. Anywho, the recipes that stick out the most to me are… Power Meatballs, Greek Chicken and Crock Pot Black Bean and Sweet Potato Turkey Chili (also gluten free). I haven’t tried these recipes yet, but I will definitely be adding them to my meal plan.
  4. •  10 Ingredients to Avoid in Beauty Productsvmac + cheese has done all the hard work for us and has shared in detail all of those harmful additives in our everyday makeup products. Hopefully we won’t be tossing out too much after reading this blog post.
  5. •  Must-Have Fashion Trends for Spring 2014Elle is predicting from what they saw on the runways crop tops, sheer, graphic prints, embellished details, floral patterns, wide legged pants and fringe.. what a mix! Not sure if I’ll make it into a crop top quite yet, but here’s to trying!

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2 Responses to “Coffee Break: Inspiring Links for the New Year”

  1. peggy lowrie says:

    Crop tops, wide legged pants, fringe, floral patterns……back to the future????
    Sounds like the ’60’s and ’70’s are back.

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